“God allows our hearts to break open again and again and again, until they stay open”

So on this blog (link above) is a selection of wonderful lifesaving poems that I have found so moving, and help make sense of a dizzying universe glimpsed through the chinks of my cavern. And some reflections – I dare not say poems – that I have written on my journeying.

I am on a pilgrimage, I suppose we all are whether we know it or not, physical, emotional, and spiritual. And this modest blog bears witness to mine, whether anyone reads it or not, to me it is helpful.

The picture above is where the original Swineshead Abbey was, and Gilbert of Holland, an Abbott there in the 12th Century, wrote this extraordinary prayer:

“Move our hearts with the calm smooth flow of Your grace.  Let the river of Your love run through our souls.  May my soul be carried in the current of your love to the wide infinite ocean of Heaven.

Stretch out my heart Lord in Your strength, as you stretch out the skies above the earth.  Smooth out any wrinkles of hatred or bitterness (or blame, or shame, or judgement, or fear).  Enlarge my soul so it may know more fully Your truth.”

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